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Wallay's Beautiful Dark twisted Fantasy

i had the pleasure of helping my good friend wallay for his kanye inspired beautiful dark twisted fantasy themed birthday dinner. he wanted ballerinas, violinist and pianist to play and perform the perfect soundtrack. after providing numerous violinist instagram accounts to him he hired the talented priya. the pianist was my talented friend tee who i immediately reached out to once wallay shared his idea with me.

being this was a Wallay & Friends event, it obviously wouldn't have been possible without the help of his friends. from executing the dinner to the visuals, everyone played a special role. this wasn't just a dinner, it was an experience.

created director: wallay

produced by: wallay & friends

dinner: who's coming to dinner by aisha

photography: alexandra grandsoult

visuals: shamell mason

ultimately wallay reached out wanting to use my ear to help him gather songs and also arrange them in the order that they should be played. here is the playlist that started it all.

listen on apple music.

listen on spotify.

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