• jo giselle

the rona quarantine

3.25.20 -

i think it’s day 9 or 10 of official quarantine for me. i’ve only left my place for alcohol and groceries. i haven’t had any in person interactions with anyone but my roommate and one of my really good friends. it’s wednesday and i haven’t left my apartment since sunday… i’m starting to reach the point where i need to have human interaction and go outside.

however, since i have MS i’ve been very skeptical to leave without actually needing to which means i have to wait for the next time i need to make a food run.

anyway, idk who actually reads my posts but i figured getting back into music and making playlists would help pass the time… whether i’m working or vibing after hours.

i present to you, the rona quarantine.

listen on apple music. listen on spotify.

be safe out there <3

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