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the marathon continues

5.21.19 -

it had to be 2012/2013 when i went to get gas at my usual and closest gas station, the shell on slauson & crenshaw. i saw this fly ass car (can’t remember the model) and i see this tall (fine) man with braids filling up his tank. then i got out my car and thought “oh shit is that nipsey?! that’s nipsey!!” it was just me and him filling up so i just stood there contemplating whether or not to ask for a picture with him. he seemed so calm and relaxed so i decided not to bother him. i’ve never been the type to get star struck or ask celebrities for pictures, but as soon as he drove off i felt immediate regret.

the following years i kept filling up my gas at the same shell hoping i would run into him again. i would also try pulling up to the marathon store, but the lot would be full every time i went so eventually i just gave up and admired from afar.

then victory lap came out and i was so in awe by how dope of an album it was. to see the progress and success as an artist who had the odds stacked against him. for months i kept saying “i gotta go to the store. i gotta go to the store.” it never happened.

“Slauson Ave, getting money and the proof is me”

i spent most of my high school years at my cousin’s house who lived in the dorset village apartments off 59th and 8th ave. to then my parents and i moving a few blocks down off west blvd in 2007. it’s the neighborhood that took a part in forming me and making me aware of the hardships people experience; the neighborhood that made me stop hating on LA (because yall know i rep the BX hard).

so needless to say everyone was proud to have a rollin 60’s crip trying to not only better himself, but his community as well. the exact reason why i had to cut my beach day short on march 31, 2019. my heart dropped when one of my really good friends texted saying he had been shot. i didn’t understand. why would someone shoot nipsey…in HIS hood, in front of HIS store. and then the news came that he didn’t make it. i immediately began to cry. i never understood why people would cry when celebrities who they had never met died until that moment.

this one hurt. all of los angeles was and still is hurting. a legend gone to soon. i decided to celebrate his life the best way i know how… through music, his music. i made a nipsey playlist, but in typical jo giselle fashion i didn’t share right away. but better late then never… THE MARATHON CONTINUES.

listen on apple music. listen on spotify.

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