• jo giselle

slow wuk

7.19.19 -

quick little backstory on how some of my playlists come to life: sometimes i make them for my personal pleasure but then when i’ve played them around people they end up asking if it’s one of mine. so when i say yes, they always ask why i haven’t posted it.

that being said, i went to the beach last weekend with my girlfriends and started playing one of the playlists i had randomly made. same thing happened, they were wondering why i hadn’t posted it yet. & then they pressed me about it so here i am. i started this one reminiscing on my time in college and all the songs i used to bump back then. but then i started adding songs that really went with the whole mood i had going on… some older, some newer. this playlist honestly makes me want to dub on a fine ass man.

fellas, when is the last time yall got a GOOD ol slow wine from a bomb shorty? anyway, this one is for my ladies to slow wuk. so fellas go grab a gyal! & ladies, go grab a man!

listen on apple music. listen on spotify.

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