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i rarely read my horoscope these days, but today i came across a horoscope for capricorn for the month of july and it started off saying a lot is happening for me this month and to get ready because a "potentially life-changing, transformative and downright surprising lunar eclipse shatters the universe for my sign on july 5."

for those who don't know, i recently went to florida and puerto rico. & right around july 5/6th i started to feel my energy shift. i started to feel extremely emotional, mostly an intense sadness. and although i was triggered by a situation, i could not fully explain where all my emotions were coming from.

i got back back to ny on july 7th and let me tell yall the emotional rollercoaster i went through for the 10 days that followed my arrival. i'm not one that likes to talk about my feelings, let alone be vulnerable... BUT for purposes of this post, i'll share that i cried every single day during those 10 days. talk about PURGING.

so here i was reading my horoscope before starting my new moon ritual thinking how much it resonated. between my horoscope and the tarot reading i received shortly after my trip, it seems as though relationships are a big theme for me this month. not only my relationships with others, but with myself as well... a whole lot of emotional soul searching.

i haven't done a new moon ritual in about a year, but i felt compelled to do it today since the last couple weeks have been emotionally rough. for those that don't know, new moons are perfect for manifesting. so after reading my accurate ass horoscope, i cleansed my space, lit a white candle and set my intentions.

to top it off, i was so in the zone that i also decided to pull a card out of my tarot deck to see if spirit had any messages for me. i started to shuffle and The World popped out. The World is associated with completion which was another theme i had in my tarot reading a couple weeks ago. apparently i have some cycles and healing that will be completed within the next few months.

i'm sharing all this because sometimes people only see one side of you and think everything is fine and dandy, but you're literally going thru it. & after the last couple weeks i had, it was very refreshing to see so many things in alignment for me especially since i haven't been tapping into my spiritual side since i moved to ny.

go set some intentions!

- the jiggy gypsy.

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