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i grew up in the bronx until august ‘99 before moving to south central LA... i HATED it. eventually it grew on me, but i always knew i wanted to go back to the concrete jungle. i even did my last 2.5 yrs of college out here but i wasn’t able to stay.

20 years later after a lot of manifesting, i came back to the city that always felt like home. & while the bronx will always have a special place in my heart, brooklyn stole it.

as much as i love NY, LA is home too. it took me a long time to appreciate the neighborhood i grew up in, but ain’t nothing like it so yall gon catch me reppin 💙🏁

i think my closest friends, even my parents, knew that i would eventually end up in the state that birthed me. there was something about being in NY that felt like home. i felt like i could be my most authentic self and the people i'd come across would recognize that. after my last relationship ended december 2018, i knew i needed to be somewhere that would feel refreshing and NY was the first place to pop up in mind... "what if i move to NY?"

i ended up having a birth chart relocation reading and a tarot reading for guidance. both readings indicated that moving would be a good thing so i began to look for jobs because at the end of the day i'm a capricorn and need a plan in order since bills ain't gonna pay themselves. long story short, i was in NY by september 2019.

i always get asked if i like NY or "cali" better and honestly, i can't even pick because each offers different things for me. i've always said i'd live bi-coastal. i love southern california's easy access to the beaches. i took so many lunch breaks at the beach and i miss that so much. i love how hard LA natives go for their city. i love that i was able to go to high school in a predominately white neighborhood by the beach, but still got to have classmates from the same hood i lived in.

i love how eclectic NY is, a true melting pot. i love the hustle and bustle. i love how the city that never sleeps makes it much easier to connect with my roots. that's honestly why i fell in love with brooklyn... i love the heavy west indian influence.

i grew up as an only child to immigrant parents from honduras, but they are the reason why my taste in music has such a wide range, why i love bob marley and why i confuse people when i'm singing along to all the soca songs at a fete... so when it was time to find an apartment, brooklyn made the most sense.

i have no regrets moving, and while i do miss LA and the important people still over there, i know the sacrifice is worth it.

sidebar: this shoot was mad fun. i got to show off my love for sneakers and a good bag. & rep LA with this dope hat by my homie stokes.

photos by: @don_ion

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