• jo giselle

infused water for white people

7.3.17 -

summer is here and 4th of july just hours away. did you get invited to the cookout? need something to play?

here's my playlist for tomorrow, "infused water for white people."

white people (some, not all) are constantly taking from "the culture" or any culture for that matter and never giving credit when it's due.. always taking bits and pieces but never the whole pie, just enough to appropriate some shit. remember headphanie hennessy? yeah. well, as of late many have taken interest in dancehall/afro-beat, partially due to drake and rihanna. this playlist includes some of my favorite dancehall and afro-beat infused songs for those who don't fully want to go and listen to "bend ova".

so if you're white or just getting into dancehall and/or afro-beats, this might be the playlist for you... if you're not, just play this shit tomorrow because it probably includes some of your favorites too. you'll be bound to tap your feet and bob your head to the beat.

(DISCLAIMER: i love everyone no matter your race, gender, etc. but please be mindful to people of color's struggle)

listen on apple music.

listen on spotify.

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