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cross bronx

4.28.18 -

every now and then i start to miss new york. i get the sudden urge to buy a flight and go see my friends... even family. i think that's probably why i've managed to go every other year since graduating college. if i keep this routine up, i'm not due to visit until next year but i've really been itching. despite leaving my beautiful city in august of '99 and not having the chance to go back until 10 years later, new york will ALWAYS be home. 

i have so many memories from my childhood-- both good and bad, but i cherish them so much. my memory of my beautiful city is so strong that when i first moved back my godmother would always ask if i was ok to go somewhere alone because she was afraid i'd get lost, but i knew my way around. i still knew the bx15 would get me to the hub so i could hop on the 2 or the 5 to go to the city. i knew the metro north would still get me to white plains mall. & i knew i could take the bx36 to go to the heights.

i remember summer days and nights running through the streets because the fire hrydrant had been opened. or walking to little italy and stopping at the icey lady in front of st. barnabas because i asked my mom for a coquito de mango y cherry. i remember buying vegetables in the heights and the taxi rides home while i ate a cheese empanada made from yucca flour. simple things like taking the F train to brooklyn just to surprise and pick my dad up from work are engraved in my memory.

& til this day i have no recollection as to why we had to move. i just know i was asked if i wanted to move to miami or los angeles. i chose LA because i had cousins out here so i figured it would be easy to adjust. boy was i wrong. i hated LA, DETESTED it. "what do you mean you don't have hot 97?!" 

i created this playlist because most of these songs are songs that i would hear when i was younger and that remind me of that time. i had trouble settling on a name, but with a little help from friends i went with cross bronx. & i guess it's actually perfect. born in the heights and raised in the bronx, the cross bronx expressway will get you from the bronx to the heights. hope y'all vibe out to this playlist full of throwbacks.

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original photo by: Joe Raskin

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