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buiti binafi

9.15.17 - today honduras celebrates their 196th year of independence from spain (along with nicaragua, costa rica, guatemala and el salvador). with the start of national hispanic heritage month and belize celebrating their independence as well on the 21st, i decided to share my roots and the country my parents were born in by creating a punta playlist.

i always remember being a toddler and being at family parties where punta would play. something about the drums would call me-- and still do. i would always dance as soon at it would come on.. until i was 7. at one of the family parties all the adults were looking at me and laughing. i thought they were either joking about how i was dancing or laughing at the fact i couldn't dance punta (my parents and their friends are big jokesters), either way, it made me feel very self-conscious. i stopped dancing punta at parties after that, but i would play it on my stereo in my room to practice. it wasn't until i moved to la that i learned they were so in awe by how good i was at such a young age. that was all i needed to hear to get me to dance punta at any party.

punta is a big part of me. i feel each beat of every drum within my body. many of the types of music i love actually have strong drums that hit my soul.

now, for those that have absolutely no idea what punta is...

punta is a garifuna music and dance style.

wtf is a garifuna you ask? they were west african slaves that arrived on the caribbean st. vincent island. they intermarried with local arawaks and caribs (indians) and became garifunas or black caribs. the british later exiled them to roatan, one of the honduras bay islands. garifunas also settled in belize's stan creek area now known as dangriga, as well as guatemala and nicaragua. garifunas are also known as garinagu. 

punta music includes singing, indigenous first and second drums, conch shells and claves. it is commonly performed at wakes, but at many other celebrations as well. like many other things in life, punta has been commercialized in order to share this sound with the world.

buiti binafi means good morning in garifuna. i named this playlist "good morning" for 2 reasons: i made this playlist in the morning and buiti binafi was one of the phrases my mom taught me when i was younger.

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